Africa is going through turbulent times, sometimes painful, with multiple consequences on the social, financial and economic environment…

However, some initiatives and/or realizations are led by ambitious and dynamic, local and foreign investors.

photo du siège de EmergenceOn the 1st of January 1998, the first uniform Acts of the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) effect , federating 16 member States, into a single legislation for Business Law and the West African Accounting System (SYSCOA).

In addition to this major event, the following codes constitute a reference frame, outlining and stating a the regulation of these innovative procedures:

- a Customs Code (WAEMU 2001)

- an insurance Code : CIMA – International Conference of Insurance Business (1992)

Significant changes have occurred, causing companies to adjustin line with national , regional and international context, thereby creating opportunities. However, because of difficulties relating to their application and interpretation, opportunities have arisen for legal and accounting practitioners to step in with their support and professional experience.

Emergence Burkina Faso Legal and Tax have developed themselves from this context with the support of young business lawyers who have a high command of the international and community law.

EMERGENCE BURKINA FASO Legal and Tax, accompanies the economic development that Burkina Faso has been experiencing for many years.

An experienced team of lawyers, and tax specialists, who hold university diplomas, are providing solutions to companies, organisations and projects funded by donors regarding Business Law, Tax Law and Human Resources management.

Company assets

EMERGENCE BURKINA FASO Legal and Tax are a team of experts always in tune with the latest changes in national, community and international legislative regulations; Their field of expertise are:

  • Consultations for an increasing number of Burkinabe and international companies, NGO, Organisations…
  • Studies on various innovating subjects
  • Several projects to support companies in their recruitment and management of their Human Resources
  • Publications: monthly review «Business Law in Burkina Faso » and annual tax memento